Insights + Updates from the bloggin’ noggin of Chris Dick – screenwriter, story guru, script shaman and all-round creative badass.


Chris Dick is an award-winning scriptwriter with numerous successful screenplays to his credit.

Projects currently in preproduction include:


Action explodes in a Kent retail park when a gang of shoplifters kidnap the baby of a feisty single mum store detective.

Tagline: ‘Uh-oh dickheads – she knows martial arts!’



Ex-Navy SEAL Dirk Girderman is called out of retirement for one final assignment – to assassinate the head of the Russian intelligence… who’s also his mother!

Tagline: ‘Time to die, mom’



A college road trip turns into a nightmare for a group of sexy teens when they discover their car’s satnav is possessed by the spirit of a sadistic serial killer.

Tagline: ‘Destination… death!’